Technical Library

The NAFTC’s Technical Library houses articles, fact sheets, and guides written about alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles.

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Conference Presentations

(Presentations available to conference attendees.)

NACAT Biofuel Presentation Overview of Biofuels – Presented by Mark Schmidt, NAFTC Instructor, at the 2010 NACAT Conference and Expo
NACAT Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Presentation Overview of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Presented by Mark Olance, Assistant Director – Curriculum Development and Training, at the 2010 NACAT Conference and Expo

NAFTC Glossary

NAFTC Glossary A listing of terms frequency used in articles on alternative fuel vehicles.

EPA Fact Sheets


Compressed Natural Gas
Liquefied Natural Gas

All EPA Fact sheets cover the basics of the respective alternative fuel subject. Emissions, affordability, availability, maintenance, performance, and safety are all covered in each fact sheet.

In-Depth Fuels Information

Fuels Data Table A table listing the properties of alternative fuels

Compressed Natural Gas
Electricity / Hybrid
Liquefied Natural Gas
Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Articles on alternative fuels featuring graphs and diagrams. Many articles address safety, economic, and performance concerns.

Refueling Information

Worldwide Hydrogen Fueling Stations From; a listing of worldwide H2 fueling stations.
Mid-Atlantic Region CNG Directory USDOE 2002 listing of CNG fueling stations in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Permitting Guide for CNG Stations A recommended guide to permitting CNG fueling stations.

Fuel Economy Guides

2015 Fuel Economy Guide
2014 Fuel Economy Guide
2013 Fuel Economy Guide
2012 Fuel Economy Guide
2011 Fuel Economy Guide
2010 Fuel Economy Guide
2009 Fuel Economy Guide
2008 Fuel Economy Guide
2007 Fuel Economy Guide
2006 Fuel Economy Guide
2005 Fuel Economy Guide
2004 Fuel Economy Guide
2003 Fuel Economy Guide
2002 Fuel Economy Guide
2001 Fuel Economy Guide
2000 Fuel Economy Guide
From; these books contain comprehensive
listings for most import and domestic vehicles.

Other Information

Clean Cities 2014 Vehicle
Buyer’s Guide
A guide for vehicle purchases. Up-to-date info on all the current makes and models to inform consumers before making a purchase.
Hybrid Buyer’s Guide Car and Driver’s buyer’s guide for all alternative-fueled and fuel-efficient vehicles.
Hybrid Fact Sheet Hybrid Electric Vehicles fact sheet for government officials
Smog Formation Review An article on the formation of smog
Clean Cities News Clean Cities Program publications

Economic Concerns of AFVs

Fixed Costs and the Adoption of Vehicles Fueled by Natural Gas

NAFTC Articles

2012 Odyssey Executive Summary 2012 Odyssey Executive Summary
2010 Odyssey Executive Summary 2010 Odyssey Executive Summary
2008 Odyssey Executive Summary 2008 Odyssey Executive Summary
2006 Odyssey Executive Summary 2006 Odyssey Executive Summary
2004 Odyssey Executive Summary 2004 Odyssey Executive Summary
2002 Odyssey Executive Summary 2002 Odyssey Executive Summary
NAFTC eNews The NAFTC eNews is a monthly newsletter that collects the most important and entertaining stories of the alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles industries.

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